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Welcome! Read this first!

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    Welcome! Read this first!

    Welcome to NA M3 forum!

    This forum is different than other car forums:

    NA M3 forum does not and will never be looking for any form of profit. It is free to use, has no sponsors and has no advertisements. It will never be sold. The costs to create/maintain it are covered through M3 community donations, be they monetary, server hardware, or time.

    NA M3 forum provides unlimited photo hosting, so you don’t have to use 3rd party hosting sites that inevitably go down years later, breaking important threads. Hosting your photos on forum means your threads will be up for as long as the forum is— which we have no intention of ending.

    NA M3 forum provides virtually unlimited (100,000) PMs, so you don’t have to choose which conversations are important to keep.

    NA M3 forum backup files will be downloaded off site routinely by 3 different admins, so even if the server building burns up and 2 admins die trying to put out the fire, the forum can live on.

    All moderation decisions will be made with the same criteria: Do what is best for advancing the platform. You will never be banned for disagreeing with a moderator or administrator. You can/will be banned/infracted for any behavior that makes the forum a worse place to be.

    No politics. No religion. No NSFW imagery outside of threads prefixed with NSFW. No personal attacks. No trolling. No intentional misinformation.

    If you are a company looking to promote a product, we have two options for you:
    1) INFORMATIONAL threads are allowed, by companies. The more technical, the better. The “cost” of these threads is you have to stick around and answer questions. Historically, these questions might expose things you might not have chosen to bring to light. As you are not (and can’t be) a paid sponsor, no protections are offered. That said, people that are being obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious will be dealt with. Threads that are just promotional, not informative, will be deleted. Any threads looking to sell things do not belong in the main car sections (see 2, below). That said, if you’re doing something new/different/better than what’s on the market, please do post about it! New and better products move the platform forward, which is the goal of this forum!
    2) If you’re having a sale, promotion, etc, we have a vendor sales section in the classifieds-- but only if you're someone that's doing (1) above!

    2005 IR/IR M3 Coupe
    2012 LMB/Black 128i
    2008 Black/Black M5 Sedan

    Ian, finally signed up and will be as active as I can be on this forum. Thanks for creating a platform where Truth is lauded and rewarded! Shaikh
    Shaikh Jalal Ahmad
    Suspension Decoder @ Fat Cat Motorsports, Inc.
    Youtube: Suspension Truth
    FCM E46 M3 Ride Harmonizer spreadsheet