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Thoughts? E46 or E92

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    They are different cars.

    The E46 is a more special experience out of the box as a weekend back road carver: it's more raw, rattly and buzzy. The seating position is lower however the E46 seats are nothing special in stock trims. The lower weight, size and tire widths makes it easier to toss around at lower speeds. The steering is light, but precise.

    I smile and just flat out have a good time the entire time with the E46.

    The E92 M3 is a Grand Tourer experience out of the box. I vividly remember putting my 1st E92 back to stock and being totally disappointed: it needed to be consistently revved to 8k to feel anything. It needs at minimum an exhaust or a carbon plenum to get audible feeling out of it.

    However, it is a more compliant, flexible, capable machine: the powerband is wider, the DCT is better in every way, it has electronic adjustable suspension & steering servotronic. It's a floor riser in all regards - but some connection is lost.

    If you plan on modifying then quite a bit (intake, exhaust, suspension, etc), then ultimately it boils down to this: you want the I6 or the V8 experience?

    My E92 has suspension, drivetrain and intake work - it's a much more competent car and has me smirking while I'm driving hard but definitely not smiling ear to ear - got no time for that distraction. Gears zoom past way faster, there's a lot more grip and it's an attack on the senses at every RPM.

    I'll report back once my E46 is fitted with its CSL airbox, complete SS exhaust, Recaros and proper tires.

    Looks wise; it's a toss up: both crack necks if that's your thing. The E92 still looks brand new to the unknowings, the E46 is Classic to everyone.

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