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    BMW diesel options

    Been wanting a BMW diesel for a while. My commute is mostly highway and I make regular trips over 700km each way.

    Been eyeing up four models and wondering what people opinion of them are.

    First is a 2018 328d. This is the most affordable option and gets the best fuel mileage. Full delete is available for reliability. quite easy to find as well.

    Second is an F10 535d, ideally a 2017. The five series is such a nicer car then the 3 series but is notably more expensive. Same with this car is full delete is available. Has a straight six over a 4 banger so more power but less range. Not super hard to find but not as common as others.

    Third is a 2017 or 2018 X5 35d. This is the most utilitarian as I can sell my old pickup and use this to either haul in the back or tow a small utility trailer. One of the more expensive options, but very easy to find. Full delete is an option.

    Last one is a 2018 540d. Newer b57 diesel, and the G30 is a fantastic looking and driving car. These are rarer then the others and I doubt deletes are available for the north american models since there was only one year of sale. Also one of the priceir options. Also wondering about the b57 reliability and long term serviciability as only one year is NA sales.

    Sportiness in not a priority as I have my E46 M3 for fun. Mostly want a comfortable economical daily that will last me a good few years.

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    I’d go for the 535d over the 528d. The torque is what makes it fun and the N57 is easily capable of 40+mpg highway.


      Sorry, typo on my part. Meant 328d not 528d.


        Originally posted by Lee_Enfield View Post
        Sorry, typo on my part. Meant 328d not 528d.
        I've only driven a stock 328d wagon, but compared to my deleted M57 335d, it felt pretty gutless. I would be curious to see what a deleted one feels like but I would probably still lean towards N57.


          Ya leaning towards the b57 540d honestly. Just weary of reliability and support. The X5 35d is up there as well.


            328d is garbage. 535d is an amazing daily driver, one of the best I've ever had. With a tune and delete they are very quick and it really wakes the car up. Super reliable too.
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              What would people feel comfortable buying for milage?

              Kinda leaning on an X5 35d for utility.I found a couple of decent m sport X5 around with between 70000 and 90000 km (approx 43400 to 56000 miles). Main concern is the HPFP issues. I know some have a recall but I ran the vins of some 2016 and 2015 through the recall tool on BMW a few months ago and they were not included so I'm thinking its 2017 or newer.


                Just an update, ended up picking up a 2016 535d. On the drive home after picking it up it averaged 6.4l/100km straight highway, or 36.7 MPG (according to the trip computer at least). This is on winter diesel and stock. So far I'm quite impressed considering its a full sized sedan with a 3.0 straight six. Cant wait to see what it does on summer diesel, and then on a delete.

                Next road trip ill do some proper fuel logging to see what its actually getting. But so far I am sold on diesel (for a daily). A shame we no longer get them from BMW here in North America.

                I don't plan to mod it too much as its just a daily for me, but a Delete is on the list. Maybe upgrade the idrive to 5/6 with a Bimmertech MMI for android Auto. Also a remote start for winter would be a nice thing to have, looking at the Eurostart options.

                On a related note, anyone know what rims off other BMW models will fit the F10? Ive got a few ads for F30/32 rims and one for a set of M2 Comp rims bookmarked for a summer set, just not sure if they would fit well.