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Typically the ones that are most useful would be

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    Typically the ones that are most useful would be

    I'd around 300K last week. In case merching goes well, I will hit on RS gold the 1M mark by this weekend. Merching should get faster then. Name Changed. Thanks again! Here I proceed to make it brief. This weekend, I will be searching for around 7 hours like I have a PD day on Friday... should I dung for 7 hours straight, or camp at hillys? Or camp in fleshies for your xp? I'll do . For dunging, I want to acquire a g2h, longbow sight, and twisted birdskull necklace. What if I do? Happy? I will bury the bones at hillys and will just leave to lender limp roots and also to test G.E. Simple. And... should I rush floors or do all chambers? Should I solo or team?

    Typically the ones that are most useful would be the melee ones. After frozen floors comes the very first pair of abandoned floors. 1 and 2. Dung is rather slow in lower levels so you're unlikely to gain too much xp. Work out how quickly you do dungeons and how much xp you get on average per dungeon. C1 or C6 Is Dependent upon rate. If you can perform a c1 in 2 minutes and get 55xp afterward a c6 that requires 20minutes and makes you 650 xp is much better xp. 20 minutes/2 minutes = 10. 10x55xp = 550 xp at the identical period of time a c6 would profit you 650xp.

    Every-time you finish your maximum floor you need to reset. "Do I do the cheapest floor for every class?" I don't have any clue what you mean by this query. Rushing typically gets more xp but doing all rooms could be relaxing. That is a personal option. You receive xp bonuses to the number of monsters you kill as well as also the rooms you enter. The amount for entering rooms is greater than that for killing monsters so always enter every area but only kill creatures if you want/need to. That's personal question. What do you enjoy doing more? Training in one spot or dunging to train a lot of things?

    Fractite is the dung equivalent of rune you can use it at level 40. Depends on cheap OSRS gold training methods. If doing them with a guide you could probably complete most of them in a single day. I would hazard a guess in around 10 hours play time to get everything except the three you mentioned. Depends on what you anticipate doing. A higher strength is usually used for men and women who pk/duel. Mage and range may be the same level it won't affect your combat level unless you overtakes your melee combat. Standard - walnut - willows is typically the order for training woodcutting. I would sell oaks but willows I'd burn for firemaking.

    Agree 100%