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    Modification Listing

    Thought it might be a handy topic where people list their modifications, so that people looking into X or Y mod can query issues/handy hints/how it was accomplished/issues/reasons for that choice etc before they buy, become stuck or are on the fence what to go with. Easiest way would be to quote that particular item and ask questions i guess, may help a few people out over time

    I'll kick it off, list as much as i can think of. I've kept pictures of almost everything when i've done it so plenty of help available

    S50B32/420g/210mm (euro) specific
    • MAC Motoren airbox
    • Roose Motorsport aramid/nomex hoses
    • JB Racing flywheel and Clutchmasters FX400 clutch
    • VAC/ATI Harmonic balancer
    • 3.91 gearing
    • VAC oil pump 'upgrade'
    • ARP big end hardware
    • ECUMaster Black
    • RTD Shifter
    • MCS 2WNR
    • GC front plates
    • GC articulating rear perch
    • Whiteline swaybars
    • Whiteline adj. endlinks
    • ARC8 17x8.5
    • GT adjustable splitter
    • GT/Abrahams wing
    • HARD Motorsport Door Cards
    • AGI half cage (same as any other)
    • Velo GPT1 seats
    • Brey Krause seat mounts
    • Steering wheel
    • X brace
    • PWR radiator
    • Power steering cooler (reservoir relocate)
    • Oil/Air Seperator (larger)
    • Mason steel clutch pedal
    • AKG 75D bushings
    • AKG 'GrpN' engine/ E21? cupped trans mounts
    • Supersprint Race
    • Massive 332x32 AP Racing front brakes
    • Rally Road strut brace
    Probably some other stuff i'm forgetting but i think thats about it for now


      Mines not super modified yet, and had modifications from previous owners which I won't list, but this is what I have done so far
      • Evolve Automotive S50B32 ECU Tune - 330hp on a Dyno Dynamics
      • Eventuri S54 Intake
      • Hack Engineering Braided Clutch Line
      • 6shop Solid Steering Bush
      • Purple Tag Steering Rack
      • King Rod Bearings + ARP Bolts
      • MMR Magnetic Sump Plug
      • CSF Radiator
      • Storm Motorwerks Weighted Gearknob + Handbrake
      • Condor Speed Shop Shifter Bush
      • Fog Light Blanks
      Got some more to go on and the car has had suspension work like polybushes but I didn't want to list stuff I haven't fitted yet. Can see more in my project thread linked below.

      Euro Techno Violet E36 M3 Project


        Pretty standard recipe here for a US S52 car:

        | Powertrain |
        -AFE Intake
        -Riot Racing Throttle Body with CNC throttle cable bushings (One of my favorite mods but also has created the most headaches since installed)
        -Borla Cat-Back exhaust (stock headers and mid section)
        -Dinan tune
        -Z3M S54 radiator, 16" SPAL Fan, 80/88 fan switch, 80* thermostat, Euro reservoir, Stewart water pump
        -Auto Solutions SSK
        -ECS Shifter Rebuild kit (Cleaned up a lot of the sloppy feeling)
        -Baffled oil pan / safety wired nut
        -*Installing soon: Porsche 809 MAF, ASC throttle body delete, maybe put my bigger injectors in and retune*

        | Suspension / Bushings / Brakes |
        -Revshift differential bushings
        -Rogue Engineering transmission mounts with enforcer cups
        -OEM Steering coupler/guibo replacement (another great "mod")
        -AKG Poly front control arm bushings
        -BC BR coilovers
        -Oil infused bronze clutch pedal bushings
        -X Brace underneath
        -Rogue Engineering strut tower bar
        -PFC08 pads, stock rotors, stainless lines ( Great track pad, very noisy and dusty as usual though)
        -Dunlop Direzza Star Spec ZII's (Switching to RE71's soon)

        | Extra |
        -TRS FXR projector retrofit - One of my favorite updates to the car, highly recommend for people who drive at night or in poorly lit areas like backroads.
        -VAC seat mounts with Sparco fixed back buckets / Momo Mod 78 wheel
        Past: '99 Hellrot/Dove M3 | '97 S14 1JZ | '06 Triumph Daytona 675 | '01 330I M-Tech I '99 Silvia S15 | Current: '96 Estoril/Black M3



          Mine is stock(ish)

          F1 racing flywheel.
          M5 Clutch disc.
          Powerflex front swaybar bushings.
          Bilstein Sports/factory coils. GC street track kit in the past. No more track.
          Kosei 17 x 8.5.
          Rear wing delete.
          Hawk HP plus pads.
          Bimmerworld front camber shims.
          AKG poly differential mounts.
          Viscous fan delete via Spal puller.


            Nothing too special for me:
            - H&R OE Sport Springs F/R
            - Koni adjustable shocks/struts
            - Meyel HD front sway bar links
            - OEM X Brace
            - Powerflex front lower control arm bushings
            - JT Designs front strut brace
            - Dinan cold air intake
            - Dinan stage 2 tune
            - Brembo rotors
            - Braided hoses
            - Posi-quiet pads
            - ZHP weighted shift knob
            - M-sport 3 spoke steering wheel
            - GT front corner splitters
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              where to start


              Autoberry front dove leather seat replacements
              Factory BMW bottom seat foam replacements
              Tainik Alcantara sport 3 spoke wheel with M color stitching
              Anthricite black, BMW factory floor mats
              2001 Z3 custom Gauge cluster to work with S54 swap
              LeatherZ 3 gauge pod holder for center console
              VDO 60mm water temp gauge
              VDO 60mm Oil Temp gauge
              VDO 60mm Oil press gauge
              5 speed BMW illuminated shift knob


              Black kidney grills
              DEPO GEN IV head lights (no stupid angel eye crap)
              DDM 55w HID with H1 bulbs
              Amber factory lights and markers
              Fresh Estoril paint
              Carbon RS chin spoiler
              Motion Motorsports under panel
              Repaint of factory Estoril by Cio's (Mauricio from JDM Legends)


              Ground Control track/school coil overs
              GC camber plates
              GC rear tall RSM's
              subframe welded in reinforcements
              UUC front sway bar
              Factory X-brace


              BBS Style 5's 215/40/17 tires
              APEX ARC-8 17x9 245/40/17 tires
              12mm front spacers
              E46 stock front rotors
              996 Front Brembo Calipers
              Rally Road brackets
              Rally Road Brake lines


              2005 S54 swap, complete rebuild by me, using all BMW OE components and seals/gaskets
              Bimmerworld intake elbow
              Bimmerworld VANOS oil line
              Beisan systems VANOS complete rebuild
              Beisan systems drilled VANOS pump disk
              Andrews Swap Harness
              Factory DME
              PITT M3 tune
              Status Gruppe Headers
              Euro style Section 1
              custom 2.5" stainless dual section 2 with 200 cell bullet Euro style CATs
              OBX stainless 2.5" dual in/out muffler
              F1 Racing 16lb chromolly flywheel and stage 2 LUK clutch and disk
              4" custom shielded intake airfilter
              Z3M radiator
              Z3M oil cooler
              E30 M3 overflow tank
              SPAL electric fan
              1994 Euro M3 SMG bumper mounted washer tank


              rebuilt stock 188 rear LSD
              Thayer Motorsport 3 pack LSD clutch upgrade
              3.46 gear change
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                I'm easy...

                Hotchkis front and rear sway bars.
                Arc 8s & PS4S tires (count as a modification?)

                Rest of the car is stock


                  87mm JE 11.5:1 forged pistons/pro seal rings
                  Eagle H Beam rods
                  ARP head studs
                  ARP main studs
                  Vac coated main bearings
                  Vac coated rod bearings
                  Fidanza 13lb flywheel
                  Clutch masters sprung clutch
                  Stock pressure plate
                  VAC ATI OBD2 damper/AC pulley
                  BW oil pan baffle
                  Achilles upgraded oil pump shaft and safety wired
                  Cometic .080 MLS HG
                  Riot Racing Camshafts
                  Supertech single groove valves/keepers
                  Supertech springs/retainers
                  Race land euro headers (V-banded)
                  Dr Vanos rebuilt vanos unit
                  M50 manifold
                  BW 3.5” TB Hose
                  803 MAF
                  AFE magnum intake

                  Stage Fabrication and Performance

                  Stewart racing water pump
                  CX Racing radiator
                  BW silicone coolant hoses
                  Single Spal 14” fan
                  Motion Motorsport panel and radiator duct

                  Fortune Auto coilovers revalved
                  96+ appropriate plates
                  H&R strut bars 28mm front 24mm rear
                  Reinforced RTAB pockets
                  Rev shift 95A green
                  -Fcab bushings
                  -rtab bushings
                  -subframe bushings
                  -diff bushings
                  -motor mounts
                  -trans mounts
                  Megan Racing adjustable camber arms

                  DiffsOnline 3 clutch 3.46 diff.
                  Detents renewed on zf 5 speed
                  Kinematicspeed chassis mount shifter
                  Garagistic DSSR

                  Stock calipers resealed with new pistons
                  Garagistic brass guides
                  Garagistic stainless brake lines and clutch line

                  NRG quick release
                  Sparco wheel
                  OMP WRC-R
                  schroth 2x2
                  Kinematicspeed roll bar

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                    Some changes while the cars literally stripped for some (well, a lot) of body work, still a WIP;
                    • Emtron KV8, replacing the ECUMaster Black - based on capability and a fantastic I/O count but more importantly, local support
                      • "AlphaN" w/ 2x MAP (pre/post ITB plates)
                      • 2x LSU ADV
                      • Nuke FPR100s +press/temp sens - modded fuel rail for AN6 return to FPR
                      • ECUMaster Wheel Speed to CAN (traction/launch etc)
                      • a lot more sensors
                    • E46M3 DBW (+pedal etc)
                    • ECUMaster ADU5
                    • Speedhut fuel level and water temp (redundancy)
                    • CATCAMS 1303614 278°/270°
                    • AKG RTAB sphericals, replacing AKG 75D polys
                    • AKG RSM sphericals, replacing GC poly (MCS 2WNR 12mm)
                    • Precision composites GT/LTW wing
                    • Seibon FRP/GRP hood +aeroflow pins

                    Also working on a drop-in twin pump/surge tank fuel setup, in design stage, trial item soon

                    Killed 2x Apex ARC8s so spare ACS typeIII 17x8.5s will be fitted - sadly ACS are 1.5kg-ish heavier and i've spent enough dollarydoos already to not use them, do look better though!


                      Here's my list:

                      M50 manifold

                      Bilstein Sport shocks
                      Eibach Pro Kit springs / sway bars
                      ECS Tuning rear limiters
                      Rear shock mount tower reinforcements
                      OEM X Brace

                      3.38 Diff swap
                      Bear Motorsports SSK / AKG DSSR
                      OEM clutch pedal replacement with UUC delrin bushings

                      Odometer Gears driver's recline gear
                      C43 radio
                      E46 HK mid-range speakers
                      ZHP weighted shift knob
                      '99 spec M steering wheel
                      shaved clutch pedal stop
                      E30 OEM rubber floor mats

                      Definitely not a hardcore setup when compared to some, but as a fair weather family car it is very entertaining.


                        1995 Dinan S3

                        9.5:1 CR
                        JE Pistons
                        Forged rods
                        lightened crank
                        264/270 Schrick Cams
                        Larger VAC valves
                        VAC valve springs and retainers
                        Cometic MLS head gasket
                        LTW oil pan w/dual pickups
                        RMS headers
                        RC injectors
                        3.5in HFM
                        Dinan Throttle body
                        Vortech V1 supercharged upgraded to V2 spec
                        928 Motorsport ceramic S/C bearings and impeller
                        RMS 8 rib race pulley system (7.5" crank pully, 3.7" S/C pulley)
                        Custom FMIC with all aluminum S/C plumbing
                        Dual pickup fuel pumps
                        Inline fuel pump
                        Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
                        TRM tune
                        Stewart water pump
                        Fluidyne aluminum radiator (modified to clear the S/C pullies)
                        Clutch Masters 7.5" twin disc clutch/flywheel assembly

                        Steel sunroof delete
                        Genuine BMW GT wing with LTW risers
                        MA Shaw fiberglass hood and trunk
                        MA Shaw lexan (all window except windshild)
                        LTW Aluminum doors
                        Custom widened fenders to fit ups to 295s
                        N15 design aluminum hood vents
                        Max Velocity race splitter

                        Racetech RT1000 seats
                        Garagistic Seat mounts
                        Motion Motorsport Side mounts
                        Autopower roll bar.

                        TC Kline D/As
                        TCK camber plates and rear adjustable control arms
                        Monoball RTABs
                        Powerflex rear subframe bushings
                        Reinforce RTAB mounts and swaybar mounts

                        Wheels & Tires:
                        18x10.5 Titan 7 TS-7 with 275/35r18 Nitto NT01s

                        I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting