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Got the E9X PFC BBK to work on the F8X!

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    Got the E9X PFC BBK to work on the F8X!

    As many of you know my brother and I have a couple track M3s. This is our journey to get the PFC Z54 BBK from the E9X generation to fit the F8X. This works for all F8X cars including the GTS and CCB equipped cars.

    We've owned the PFC brakes for several years now, and the experience has been so sublime over literally hundreds of track days that when we wanted to retire the E92 M3 from track duties and add an F8X, one of the fundamental questions was whether we could adapt the Z54 front kit to the F8X generation car. I will take a perfect personal record of performance over any other vendors promises.
    We are currently using this kit in our E90 stroker with 500whp and our F80 CS and it has never failed to deliver.
    We've also had experience during three seasons with PFC BBKs in S54-swapped E36s racing in AER. The performance in those cars is, like the E9Xs, flawless.

    Back to our street+track cars, originally there was an E92 and a E90, both with PFC BBKs.
    The front PFC Z54 BBK is an epic kit:
    -front 28mm (!!!) >1inch pads
    -zero knockback
    -impossible to overheat without any cooling while doing WGI in the 2:04 range with a full weight M3
    -rotor swaps are incredibly easy
    -rotors last a really long time. Their rotors and particularly the mounting system make all other BBK rotors look like something designed by a 5 year old
    -pads come out of the caliper with no taper wear. I have boxes and boxes of worn pads and all are flat
    -relatively quiet on the street even leaving the PFC11 track pads in there permanently
    -this is the kit for reference:

    Here are some pics

    After some research and lots of confusing information we determined it was possible but we'd have to design brackets as PFC does not offer this kit for the F8X generation.
    My brother and I are both engineers and were sure we could figure out the design.

    We started with rudimentary measurements:

    Then worked on the design in Solidworks

    Got the prototypes 3D printed. There were many iterations!

    Then came the optimization stage to lighten the bracket

    The first real roadblock we hit was with fabrication. No one in the US wants to build a brake bracket even though it’s pretty simple and well established. One company wanted to charge us 2k for a ‘study’, ridiculous.
    We then decided to contact Slonik/Slon Workshop as his M3 goodies are spectacular with exquisite attention to detail. He was up for the challenge and further optimized the bracket for us! It turns out Slon workshop has built literally thousands of brake brackets and is very familiar with them.

    Finally we received the production parts, anodized in black and with a better mounting system than PFC delivers stock! Here it is on our F80 CS after the first track season where it again handled everything we sent its way without blinking.

    Awesome work. Those brackets look great!