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    A benefit from ceramic coating is ease of cleaning.

    I did paint correction + cquartz UK 3.0 on my car and my current method of cleaning is:

    1.pressure wash with water
    2.foam gun
    3.Pressure rinse
    4.Leaf blower/compressed air to dry

    I've found aslong as you don't wait too long between washes, dirt will come right off without having to 'scrub' the car with a wash mitt. The coating allows the water to bead right off the car with a leaf blower thus swirls are kept to a minimum with this method. Anytime something touches the surface of your car, there is a chance of getting swirls, even a microfiber towel or well lubricated wash mitt. I ceramic coated my wheels and even when I run track pads, the brake dust comes right off with high pressure water.

    I still use a microfiber for non 'cosmetic' surfaces i.e door jambs, underneath hood, trunk, etc.

    It was a lot of time doing paint correction and ceramic but I think it's worth it.


      Originally posted by Brian N View Post

      Right now I’m testing NV Car Care products, the Turtle Wax Seal and Shine and the Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic spray.
      How have you liked the Seal and Shine? Turtle Wax never seemed like a company to buy detailing products from until now... I've been seeing some videos and it's seriously impressive how long it seems to last, especially given the price.

      I'm thinking I'd stay away from semi-permanent or permanent coatings for now - say if I graze a cone at autox, I'd like something that can easily be stripped, so I can repair the scuffs, then re-seal. I was thinking of going with the tried-and-true Jescar Power Lock + topped with Collinite 845, but given the advent of all these new SiO2/Graphene/Ceramic spray waxes, not quite sure what to do. My plan is to do a full decon + paint correct + protection after this summer track season, so my car is protected for a cross-country road trip I have in October.


        Seal and Shine is insane. Doesn't last too long as it's a faux-ceramic (sio2), but man it looks good and easy to wowo. Under $10 too.

        That said, Mother's CMX (sio2/tio2) gives me more depth. Not quite as glossy as seal and shine, but looks deeper, like there's a real layer of ceramic on top.

        I like to top 100% carnauba over the sio2/polymer products the next day.
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          I wonder if anyone has tried the new Hybrid Graphene stuff? They even have a liquid wax, which I came across in Car Cleaning Guru's video:

          It is much pricier though. That paste wax on this side of the border is $40 CAD!

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