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AIM Data from Summit Point?

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    AIM Data from Summit Point?

    Anyone have AIM Data from Summit Point?

    Recently installed Solo 2 DL.
    Preferably similar setup E46 M3, 3.7F/2.6R camber, not so fresh R888R square setup 275/35-18, tired PSS9s, Epic Ecu Tune, Kassel SMG/CSL tune, euro headers, Rogue Diablo catless exhaust, Dinan TBs and airbox, etc. 1/2 gutted, ~3340lbs with driver, stock brakes with PFC 08s.

    I know my car is better than my best time and assume I'm over slowing for corners, short shifting etc ... would like some data to compare.

    1:28:65 best lap, most were 1:29s...I was faster last year.

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    Originally posted by ShiftLess
    I posted this in track/autoX... is there another?
    Sorry I am an idiot.

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      I was there 2 weeks ago, I’ve been there ~10x and know it pretty well. E46 with similar camber on MCS 2WR and Hankook Z214s. It’s gutted and caged about 3225 with my fat ass. Junkyard motor with a shitty AFE intake along with SS V1s and BW race exhaust. I’m guessing 350-360 at the crank. Stoptech ST40s with PFC08s.

      PM me your email and I’ll send you a few laps of AIM data.