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    LCM Delete Adventures

    I'm still on my quest to get to 2470lbs (roll cage/empty tank) so every oz counts. I deleted the LCM, OE hall effect switch and all of wires going to the brake light switch (4 wires). Installed a momentary push button. Wired it through a standard SPDT relay to the brake lights.

    I've been having an issue with the brakes locking on after driving for a 100 yard or so.

    Figued out that the ABS and ECU are tied into the hall effect switch. See the attachment below, its pin 41. So crossing fingers I can get this working properly this weekend.

    I thought this was interesting. I guess you don't need to wire the ABS/DSC into the ECU? Should make swaps easier. Also wondering if the brake booster delete can retain the ABS system. I guess it just needs a master with a front and rear output so you can use the pressure sensors.

    Learning a lot from my mistakes...

    From the ECU, there are 2 wires, pins 24 and 34 on X60004 which go to the brake switch. I think it’s 24...the wire is blue/red stripe. That is wired to the MK60, LCM, ECU and the brake switch.

    There is a solenoid right near the brake reservoir. I had deleted pins 24/34 which was causing the solenoid to lock open and allowed vacuum on the booster when not on the brakes which kept the brakes locked on.

    I threw a brake booster at it. Not too was going to happen someday!


      If you're deleting all of the lights, to include the turn signals (makes it a proper BMW), you need to keep the following pins in the LCM harness.

      I also connected the 2nd stage brake lights to the regular brake lights on each taillight. So if I step on the brake, all of the brake LEDs light up.

      5 (I connected the left brake light to the right brake light wire...saves a wire ran to the rear)


        Originally posted by bigjae46 View Post
        If you're deleting all of the lights, to include the turn signals (makes it a proper BMW)
        Good luck with your project!