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Porsche 996 Calipers for BMW E46 M3 BBK Conversion

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    Porsche 996 Calipers for BMW E46 M3 BBK Conversion

    Hi all,

    I did a 996 Brembo big brake conversion on my E46 M3 this summer, and was pleased with the results. Based on my experience, I am now offering used Brembo calipers for others to install on their M3s. There is a wealth of information on this forum about this conversion, but in short the benefits include improved braking performance, reduced unsprung weight and similar brake bias to stock.

    Part numbers for the calipers - 996.351.426, 996.351.425, 996.352.422, 996.352.421

    In order to pull this conversion off, you will need at a minimum
    • Set of 4 Porsche 996 Calipers
    • 996 Front Brake Pads
    • Rear Brake Pads – 996 rear pads if using Creations Motorsport (CM) rear caliper brackets, 996 rear or 987 Boxster front pads if using Rally Road (RR) rear brackets.
    • Front/Rear Adapter brackets – Creations Motorsport or Rally Road
    • Front/Rear Brake Lines – Creations Motorsport or Rally Road
    • ZCP front rotors (345 x 28 mm)
    • Front caliper machining (5.5 mm off mounting points)
    Optional but many people also go for
    • New caliper hardware
    • New bleeder valves
    • Professional Caliper rebuild/refinish, or DIY
    • ZCP rear rotors – stock non-ZCP rotors work, but people will go for ZCP rear rotors to get a drilled look all the way around
    • Brake pad wear sensors
    • New crossover lines
    • New rotor set screws (4 front, 4 rear)
    • Spacers w/extended lug bolts
    The total cost to pull this BBK conversion off is around $2k at a minimum (including an average cost of $800 for the calipers). Extra items, including rebuilding the calipers, rear ZCP rotors, new bleeder valves will bring the cost closer to $2.5k. If you want to get a professional to rebuild and powdercoat the calipers, the cost will end up closer to $3k for the full conversion.

    This is cheap in comparison to a real StopTech or Brembo BBK which runs $5k and up for a similar 4-piston front/rear kit.

    I am doing this in partnership with another fellow E46 M3 owner and member on here - Inizes. We share resources and knowledge, but operate independently for the most part. Caliper sets he has are listed below. Please see below and message him directly for calipers sets he has.

    Caliper sets currently available. When you inquire, please specify which set you are interested in.

    Caliper sets pending cleaning/testing/inspection. If you are interested in any of these please inquire and I will prioritize getting them ready for sale. Occasionally some of them are missing a small part here/there which I have ordered and am waiting on.
    • Set #2 - 73k miles
    • Set #3 - 37k miles
    • Set #4 - 90k miles - rears only
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