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Clutchmasters Slave Cylinder

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    For Sale: Clutchmasters Slave Cylinder

    Hello, have some parts left over in storage I'd like to clear out:

    SOLD Clutchmasters slave cylinder - needs new seals, leaked in the bellhousing after a few events. Removed it and decided to go back to stock setup. $100 shipped OBO comes with spacers and bolt in plate.
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    Hey Rudy, long time! On the diff, locked up meaning it acts like a welded diff, or, meaning internals are jammed and nothing will turn? You talk to Dan about possible outcomes?

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    All jobs done as diy - clutch, rod bearings, rear subframe rebush, vanos, headers, cooling, suspension, etc.

    PM for help in NorCal. Have a lot of specialty tools - vanos, pilot bearing puller, bushing press kit, valve adjustment, fcab, wheel bearing, engine support bar, etc.


      Hey! By locked up I mean it will turn however it seems to act like a welded diff, it groans and wheel hops in the paddock, and on track it's a drift car. Fluid came out clean. I did email Dan, he seemed unsure what the problem was, but mentioned he can fix anything. I went with a Drexler instead.

      It happened progressively, towards the last two events it got worse and worse, leading me to suspect it's either a preload issue or a clutch issue, but not sure, my lsd knowledge is very limited.
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        Bump, OB reasonable O let's clear these outta my storage unit.