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An easy fix for door and/or window noise...

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    An easy fix for door and/or window noise...

    This may already be a known thing, but here's my experience...

    I had recently been having some issues with squeaking coming from the latch area of my driver's side door, especially on hard turns or over bumps. Also had an issue with minor wind noise where the window rubs against the seal on the outer side of the B pillar.

    Decided to check the door catch bracket, and sure enough it was pretty worn down where the latch bites down onto it. I popped the black cover off of it to find two T40 torx bolts holding it on. It quickly appeared to me that the piece is reversible...same dimensions top and bottom. I flipped it around so the latch now bites onto the opposite/fresh side of the catch bracket.

    Long story short, no more door rattle or wind noise to speak of. A mm or two of play was enough for it to drive me bonkers, and this seems to have cured my issues.

    So if you have a rattling/squeaking door or wind noise issue at the front windows...this may be your easy fix.
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    Not on my M3 but my 330Ci has a slight wind noise on the passenger side window, I think I'll give this free fix a shot. Thanks!
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