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Velocity stacks vs PCV system

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    Velocity stacks vs PCV system

    Hi guys

    Im having issues with my velocity stack setup, and massive fuel smell in the cabin.
    my setup is.
    Valve cover vent going into catch can.
    catch can out routed back to the factory drain tube from the intake to the oil pan
    oil catch can vent routed into the wheel well.
    brake booster line blanked with a rubber plug.

    any obvious flaws in my setup? also i would add, ive drained a lot of fuel from the catch can
    and my tuner had to take out a lot of fuel becouse i was running rich as fuck on a stock csl map ( was reading to check the thermostat is the ecu is not thinking its cold all the time, but the thermostat is new, and i have a efan, coolant temps are climbing normaly)