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What mods would you do on a $10k budget?

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    Originally posted by repoman89 View Post

    I think you’re more likely to halve your money in the stock market in the next six months than double or triple it
    its always a gamble, but so is buying a used M3 LOL

    OP, you won't be disappointed with the purchase.. I wasted roughly 6 years after graduation before stepping up to the S54 platform, it always scared the shit out of my wallet. As a daily, this is not a good buy, but as a toy for those nice days or trips once in a while, it will bring a smile to your face every time. Stick to the important things and have the car running like it should. That $ will be needed on regular issues no matter how well you start off with. Just keep lying to yourself its a Unicorn and it won't hurt as much.


      My opinion is that if at any point you can afford the csl airbox (either karbonius or evolve) then do it. It is such a drastic difference and it's worth every penny. From there if you have any extra, maybe suspension (eibach/koni setup is nice if you don't want height adjustble) Also if your car is lower mileage do a nice paint correction and ceramic coating to keep the paint looking really good.

      And from the maintenance perspective, don't do the above unless you already have vanos, subframe taken care of and a fresh set of rod bearings. Unless you have proof from the previous owner that those are all taken care of.


        After normal maintenance, I'd get the BIG THREE fixed, sub-frame, rod bearings and VANOS. I wouldn't worry about power mods, suspension is key to going faster. Upgrade all bushings and get a good coil-over kit. Get good tires like Michelin PSS or similar and good suspension. Headers and sport muffler for better sound. I'm staying away from mentioning brands as everyone has their favorite. Spend some money on seat time HPDE at the track and learn to drive before worrying about more power.


          Coilovers, headers, and wheel spacers. Rest can go preventative maintenance and full refresh