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    Stoptech C43 kit

    is anyone currently running this kit on an E46 M3? What are your impressions on track? I'm torn between the C43 and the standard ST40 kit. The light weight design of the C43 is very attractive to me but I am having a hard time believing the 332mm rotor is large enough to cool affectively. My car is track dedicated and right at 3500lbs with full tank of fuel and me in it (175lbs). Any information is greatly appreciated.
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    disregard. found this thread. should have searched first....


      Club racer Christina Lam runs these on her E46 M3. Instagram:

      I personally have this kit however I have not yet installed it so sadly I can't provide any valuable first hand experience other than what I can tell you from having the product at my fingertips. Happy to answer anything you may have. Have posted some photos already on my IG page.

      Something you may not read but want to consider is consumables. This was a big one for me. But before we get there, the C43 calipers, beyond being half the weight of the ST40's, uses the DR21 pad shape, which has 11% more coverage than the ST40 caliper. It's also important because it's one of the most widely available pad shapes out there and, from what I can tell, are significantly cheaper. Let's look at some cost comparisons. I'm just pulling these off of as its quick and easy to find pads for any given caliper or vehicle.
      Ferodo DS2500 PFC-11 Hawk DTC-60 Porterfield R4 Ferodo DS1.11
      ST60 $330 $610 $434 $300 $625
      ST40 $233 $410 $293 $196 $456
      C43 $130 $200 $183 $126 $190
      Porsche 996 Brembo $175 $350 $235 $210 $300
      You guys can do the math there. Actually, I'll do one for you.

      Projecting to go through 3 sets of Ferodo DS2500 pads in a season? It'll be $390 for the C43 caliper pads vs $700 for the ST40 caliper. That just saved you $300, or bought you another track day, depending on your perspective.

      I've linked to each caliper in the table to it's respective pad listing page so you can see other pad prices too.

      And now I'm sounding like a salesman. Assure everyone, I'm not.

      Stopping here, I decided to call the folks where I purchased my kit (NOT Zeckhausen) and I'm working on getting you guys a Black Friday-like discounts. The price for the front should be under $2k shipped. Dunno if they're going to provide me a link to share or a coupon code. More to come.

      Continuing on... rotor disc replacement prices, regardless of Stoptech kit, are $300'ish for the 332x32 on up to $450 for the 380mm. Fairly minor as they're not commonly replaced but figured I'd toss that out too. A light weight 2-piece 345mm rotor is what, $800?
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        I will gladly accept a link for a discount if you are able to get one. Thank you for the information.


          Definitely great info, thanks. It’s interesting that the pads for the C43 kit are so much cheaper than say the pads for an ST-40 kit, which seems to have so many more pads to choose from.