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Dumb Question-Tell Me This Couldn’t be Done

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    Dumb Question-Tell Me This Couldn’t be Done

    Alright so I am entry level familiar with the tools and figured I would ask a dumb question. I sent my MSS54HP to Kassel who put the CSL tune on the car after I added a carbon air box. The problem is that the Euro tune will not allow NC’s emission equipment to connect, thus the car cannot pass emissions, even though it normally would.

    Could I save some form of copy of my entire data, so to speak, load a generic us spec info into the car, add an Alpha N tune, allowing me to get to the emissions test, return home and reverse the process.

    Is it just smarter to try to find a second DME I can have coded to the car with a US “tune” and just simply swap them out.

    I apologize that this is a very generic question, I’m just trying to figure out how to have the car set up so it can pass emissions on the NC software.

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    Hey man. I'm in the same boat, same state. I have exactly 1 year from Dec 31 to figure this out. I already have a 2nd DME with the full CSL code on it. My Karbonius box is on order. I actually got the inspection done early this year just for this reason.

    I think you have to swap some of the hardware tho - in order to get the US spec DME to work, you need the MAF sensor still. I think.

    Anyhow, in for the solution. Will be glad to help figure this out too. I currently have bigger fish to fry with the car at the moment, but need to figure this out.



      No maf with alpha N, Casita.
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        I swap dme's when its time for inspection.the simplest and easiest route.