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need advice to fix clear coat defect

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    Originally posted by Tbonem3 View Post
    So I found a guy in my town who's a pro and does work at his house for locals. He said most shops will overcharge because they'd prefer to paint more than necessary, i.e., a whole panel, just to avoid blending. If a guy is good at blending, he can charge less and keep the respray small.

    He's actually willing to fix my clear coat issue (tree sap, jelly bean size) for free if I use him to fix my rock chips up front. But he said it'd be 200-300 dollars on it's own. He uses OE (glasurit iirc) paint.
    If he has good recommendations from people you know, and it sounds like he does, then you've got a steal. Pro body shop would charge you 3 to 5x more.
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